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Home-Sharing by Women, for Women

Sororitie’s Story

Sororitie is the first of its kind community for women to share their homes around the world. Our focus is on sisterhood, and we help women find a comfortable place to stay during their trip. Our platform also matches roommates worldwide for more extended stays.

Lilia Tounsi founded Sororitie after her own travels worldwide made apparent how valuable a community of sisters could be. She left Canada to travel for a few months in 2017, and while she was successful, she also saw the need for a sisterhood where women could connect safely. As a result, she launched the Sororitie website on 8 March 2019.

Sororitie proudly caters to women of all backgrounds and ages around the globe. We believe that every sister belongs, and our sisterhood is stronger for it.

Sororitie is pronounced like sorority.

Values in the Sororitie Community


We are a group with common goals and aspirations centered around travel and experiencing the marvels the world has to offer, whether they’re the majesty of Victoria Falls or the joy of a conversation


Our sisterhood is our community, and every sister is welcome here. We believe that the needs we meet go beyond those for simple house-sharing and instead bring connection. Our community fosters unique friendships and life-changing experiences.


Travel and cultural exchange build knowledge that cannot be attained any other way. We value the experiences of our sisters and the unique, lifelong educational experiences our platform provides for every woman.

Features of the Sororitie Sisterhood

Female Only

Sororitie focuses on serving female travelers and their unique needs while exploring the vibrant world around us. Our hosting sisters reserve the right to choose who they welcome into their home, and many prefer only welcoming other women.

No Membership Fees

To create an amazing community, we decided that Sororitie would not have a membership. We believe removing this barrier enhances our community, and we aim to be as inclusive as possible.

ID Authentication Process

In order to book through or host on Sororitie, sisters should go through the ID authentication process. This simple process validates the ID associated with a specific profile and ensures that the profile conducting the booking belongs to who it says it does.

Why Sororitie?

A sorority is a community of women formed through sisterhood and shared aspirations. Traditional sororities add to the university experience by fostering the development of well-rounded members of society and lifelong friendships.

Sororitie provides a platform to help women travel, which helps each sister feel empowered to take the trips of her dreams. For both our traveling and hosting sisters, we provide the community and the chance to make those lifelong friendships that make a sorority special.

About Sororitie’s Founder

Lilia Tounsi, CEO

Lilia was inspired by her own travel experiences to launch Sororitie and foster a global sisterhood.

A word from the founder

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